marc mijer
journalistieke tekstproducties

Marc Mijer is a London School of Journalism certified writer. The advantage for Dutch clients: a native speaker writing in impeccable English, for reaching a global audience. The advantage for international clients with an interest in The Netherlands: a writer who knows the Dutch inside out.

English assignments have been carried out for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, the city of Delft and for Professional Women’s Network. Take a sample:

Recently Robert Baker, Global Account Director at Mercer, shared his position on Gender Balanced Leadership, with Marc Mijer, for PWN Amsterdam. We refer you to the interview by following this link: ‘Engaging in gender balance is not rocket science’


Writing professionals on articles by Marc Mijer:

“Wonderfully written … excellent work” -- Gavin Evans lecturer at Birkbeck College/University of London and author of ‘Black brain, white brain’

“Regardless of the language he’s writing in, Marc Mijer has impeccable chops. In English, he employs more style and mastery than many native American/English professionals. I’ve long admired his work’s precision, clarity and nuance—skills he’s honed through a lifetime of devoted reading and writing.” -- Michael Martin editor of ‘Rules Of The Game: The Best Sports Writing From Harper's Magazine’ and author of ‘Extended Remarks: Poems From a Moravian Parking Lot’